Sport talk with James Bishop: Part 2

Here is the second part of my interview with James Bishop! Last week I met up with James to chat through his youtube channel and to have a discussion of his running in December.  This week in our second sport talk, I found out whether James did the Iron Man he set out to do, what Goalhanger films has been up to recently, and what James wants to do in 2016. During the video, I also took the opportunity to ask James about his sports watch. I am on the look out for a new running watch (as much as I do love my forerunner 210) so I asked James about the super duper watch he has – take a look for yourself, and maybe add it to your wishlist! James has actually spoken about the Garmin 920 XT on his you tube channel here. If you can recommend a new watch to get - love to know your thoughts!

I can’t believe how quickly this year is going! Really excited to share with you ideas and plans for 2016  - bring it on! For now, enjoy your weekend, it’s nearly Christmas; get wrapping (if you need to), and enjoy the festive time.

Don’t make a wish this Christmas – simply formulate a dream. Then start encouraging yourself to make it happen.

Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2015

New Week!

I'm really excited for this week, as on Friday I will be making my way to Kendal Mountain Film Festival! This is definitely a highlight in the winter calendar, as it it the chance to see some really awe inspiring, jaw dropping, totally captivating films in various adventure sports.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 09.20.05
Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 09.20.05

Highlights for me this year will be heading to the Adidas Endurance Night where James Thurlow will be interviewing Nicky Spinks and Sean Conway - two incredible endurance athletes in the field of long distance running and swimming. Also looking forward to hearing from Tommy Caldwell, an incredible climber of pretty extraordinary heights, and to head to the BMC Breakfast morning on the Sunday - chance for films, banter, bit of breakfast and lots of other goodies, with the legendary host Niall Grimes.

It's going to be one great weekend that's for sure!

Last year our film 'Running Wild' was shown; still takes me aback to think of how special that running experience was, and how I never would have imagined, upon signing up to that race, that we would end up at KMF. Just goes to show, that when you go to events like these, you get really inspired, and that anything is possible.

That's how I am motivating my start to the week - thinking ahead to this year's Kendal Film Festival, where I will have the chance to listen to some motivational people in adventure sports. I could not recommend this weekend enough.

Do tweet me if you are going - would be great to say hi!

10 Runner's Secrets Revealed

I write a lot about training, running, racing etc, but thought it would be a laugh to also tell you a bit about some of the things that make me 'me'. I think friends would say I was a bit quirky, I love to laugh as well as run (often while I run!). So here are 10 runner's secrets revealed...

Things you might not know about me.

  • 1. I'm not keen on spiders. Interval hill training occurs by just bolting up the stairs, leaping over the the creepy crawly.
  • 2. Once in a while, I will be overcome with an urge for a greasy burger. #noshame
  • 3. I have a Masters in Philosophy.


  • 4. Despite skiing at significant height, and running in mountains, I can get quite daunted by climbing high / multi pitch climbing. I'm working on it.
Photo: John Roberts

Photo: John Roberts


  • 5. I talk to myself on runs. I sing
  • 6. I am the worst company on a long car journey. Mainly because this happens:
Photo: John Roberts

Photo: John Roberts

  • 7. I have developed a moving technique going up hill and also prevalent while ski touring known to others as the ‘Noel’ - #oasis
  • 8. Despite running like a fiend these days, I was never known for this at school. I really enjoyed drama.
Photo by @johndmason

Photo by @johndmason

  • 9. I love pugs. I really love pugs. Unfortunately they are not the ‘runners dog of choice’ (for reasons too obvious to explain) but I’ve considered the possibility of fitting one in my running pack.
  • 10. I never ever dreamt I would be competing in ultra-marathons.
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    A (vaguely) healthy chocolate cake

    Hi everyone I decided to do some baking (everyone holds their breath..I’m not the world’s most natural cook, however I do enjoy taking on new projects, so, bring it on I say!). Here is a chocolate cake. It's meant to be sugar free.

    I wanted to make an easy, healthy (ish) cake. This is what happened. I was following a recipe from allrecipes website  adapting the recipe by doubling the quantities to make an entire loaf cake, rather than the cupcakes their recipe caters for . I also used actual drinking chocolate cocoa (seemed fine, tasted good, although in hindsight I realise my version was not completely free of sugar! Ah well, runners enjoy their food, no matter :) )

    It could not be simpler- dollop all ingredients in a bowl, mix, bake (double baking time prescribed in original recipe)

    I used:

    200g self raising flour

    4 tablespoons of Cadburys drinking chocolate powder

    200g salted butter

    4 eggs

    splash of semi-simmed milk

    100g Splenda powder

    This creates a decent sized cake. Friends have scoffed several portions already, me included, and there is lots left!

    Substituting the sugar for Splenda did make the cake seem lighter.  I’m keen to try this recipe again, and try and substitute more ingredients to make it healthier (maybe add dried fruit too? Hmm…) .

    Would really love to hear your healthy treats recipes! Do comment below.