December Update

It can be pretty hard to stay motivated during December when it comes to a fitness regime and exercising. The nights are drawing in, it is colder, there is more opportunity for indulgent snacking (Mr.Kipling starts to feel like a chum). However, I actually find that it can be a great opportunity for maintaining fitness and building core strength, while at the same time be a period of reenergizing. Pilates : An all round the year essential for me, but something that I rely on more in the winter months. I find pilates really helpful for me in terms of helping strengthen and stretch tired muscles. It’s something that doesn’t require a lot of time put aside either which is great in a busy festive period. If you are on a budget or don’t have time to make a class, there are some great pilates videos (even youtube!) out there.

Skiing: I am about to go skiing and I am really excited about this! Skiing is great for maintaining fitness and strengthening core muscles. It’s also a good sport to do aside running for a bit of a change of scene. It also gets me back to the mountains around Chamonix, which feels like my second home.

Climbing: I am by no means a good climber, but I really enjoy hitting the wall. It helps stretch muscles that are tired from running, and it’s a good challenge setter! It’s also something you can enjoy all year around with indoor climbing walls.

Running: There is productivity in rest. I enjoy running for the scenery this time of year, and for the real joy in just running. This was taken last weekend at Burbage in the Peak. While I am training currently, this doesn’t need to detract from the wonder of running this time of year. If anything, a positive running attitude is a positive training one.

Health tips: Remember this time of year – drink lots of water. Try and keep a healthy balanced diet and get plenty of sleep. It’s possible to stress out your body in a time when you should be relaxing, by not properly taking care of it. Having said that, it is a time to enjoy spending time with close friends and family and for recuperation. One thing I am a big fan of this time of year (well, anytime of the year!) is big breakfasts with good friends! I recently caught up with some of my best mates over a massive brunch!

How are you spending December?