A (vaguely) healthy chocolate cake

Hi everyone I decided to do some baking (everyone holds their breath..I’m not the world’s most natural cook, however I do enjoy taking on new projects, so, bring it on I say!). Here is a chocolate cake. It's meant to be sugar free.

I wanted to make an easy, healthy (ish) cake. This is what happened. I was following a recipe from allrecipes website  adapting the recipe by doubling the quantities to make an entire loaf cake, rather than the cupcakes their recipe caters for . I also used actual drinking chocolate cocoa (seemed fine, tasted good, although in hindsight I realise my version was not completely free of sugar! Ah well, runners enjoy their food, no matter :) )

It could not be simpler- dollop all ingredients in a bowl, mix, bake (double baking time prescribed in original recipe)

I used:

200g self raising flour

4 tablespoons of Cadburys drinking chocolate powder

200g salted butter

4 eggs

splash of semi-simmed milk

100g Splenda powder

This creates a decent sized cake. Friends have scoffed several portions already, me included, and there is lots left!

Substituting the sugar for Splenda did make the cake seem lighter.  I’m keen to try this recipe again, and try and substitute more ingredients to make it healthier (maybe add dried fruit too? Hmm…) .

Would really love to hear your healthy treats recipes! Do comment below.