Via Ferrata in Arco

The bad news - unfortunately I was ill on holiday with a flu bug which meant some serious rest and having to be wise with pushing too much exercise. But I am getting better at learning to just 'go with it'  - listening to the body and not fighting when it needs to rest. The good news - the sun shone, a lot. When I did feel a little better, I did a via ferrata.

This means 'iron road' and is a method of travel by the mountains. You travel up the rock by an iron cable. There are different types of via ferrata, from those that are fairly technical, requiring a great deal of climbing, to via ferrata that is more of a walk/scramble. My first via ferrata was basically a gentle walk, and my second via ferrata involved more climbing. For via ferrata you need sturdy trainers underfoot with good grip (recommended) to place your feet on the rock, or the iron rungs/ ladders. You wear a rock climbing harness with a via ferrata safety kit attached, and clip the two karabiners to the wire as you ascend.

When we reached the top, we were able to just walk our way down the beautiful trail on the other side.

Although it was disappointing to be unwell on holiday, I was glad to have the chance to try a new sport!