Motivate your running with Running Heroes

New week, new sporting 'to do's in the diary. Perhaps you will have an evening 5km to battle in the cold. Perhaps a 10 miler and you are hoping it doesn't rain?

Maybe you are feeling you need a bit of an incentive with you running.

I recently tried out a pretty cool, completely free to all running tool.

Running Heroes, enables you to monitor your running progress, to encourage and support your during training by linking you with a huge running community – and to reward you while you run.

When I considered trying this out, I was a bit sceptical. Mainly because I feel I have enough tracking my progress without trying something else.

However, this doesn’t cost anything to use. Best of all, and it took me a while to get my head around it - it isn't an app. It works with your Garmin, Nike – whatever.

It all sounded a bit too good to be true, and I was curious how exactly it would work, and whether it was all a bit... gimmicky.

My impressions on Running Heroes

Was it hard to set up?

No, took no time at all. No complicated syncing business or long registering time. Did it in a couple of mins.

What happened next?

I just went for a run. That’s about it. My Garmin actually was the thing doing the hard work – and the Running Heroes tool simply works with it. Tracking progress, giving my Garmin the ‘thumbs up’ and putting me in line to get offers.

What do they get out of it?

Good question. I have had the privilege to recently be in contact with a senior member of their team, and I have been really impressed with their passion for running and dedication to the sport as a company.  By bringing together brands and a community of runners, they are an exciting, new enterprise. Very much a case of: you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

Example of what 'rewards' you can get when you have earned enough points through running
Example of what 'rewards' you can get when you have earned enough points through running

Do I recommend it?

Yes, it’s a great way to bring together runners, share what we love, and to get the chance to receive little rewards through offers that you can put towards kit etc, for your solid efforts. I am really behind any company that wants to fundamentally promote the community essence of running and make running more accessible and enjoyable for everybody.

Visit their site: