This Month`s Favourite Running & Adventure Stuff

I have not decided if I will do these posts regularly, but there were some of the things of note from this month just passed that I thought I would share with you, from the various adventures so far this Autumn. Enjoy.

Adventure Food

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 13.36.51.png

I was a bit sceptical about how good these freeze-dried food pouches would be, to actually sustain the extreme munchies I had developed from both running and shivering Day - 1 of the OMM. But these really were great. The ingredients list is not full of junk, the calorie content is quite high (ideal at 600 per bag for replenishing what you have lost during the day) and they are easy to make (minimal faff is a necessity I discovered on an extremely cold multi- day race). Plus, while they take a few minutes to mix, you can put the (thoroughly resealed) pouch in your sleeping bag while you wait, as a bonus camping hot water bottle.

I actually joked they are nicer than some of the food I make normally and take half the time. Perfect for camping, great for runners, available in lots of meal options (veggie too).

Salomon Ultra Pro


I am an ambassador for a brand that I have always thought makes the leading trail equipment, and these new shoes are a great move by Salomon, especially for those of you who, like me, have quite wide, flat feet. At 8mm heel drop, there is some arch support there, yet the overall profile is fairly flat and streamline, making these great for long distance. On the OMM, these were really comfortable, especially around the toe box as they are not narrow at all, while somehow these shoes kept drying really quickly in the boggier puddles (a necessity when you end up wearing two pairs of socks because you are that cold).

Dr. Lucas Paw Paw Ointment

paw paw.jpg

I picked this up in Australia, but it is available everywhere and I keep my handy tube with me all the time. Great for scars, sores and cracked lips or heels (I have not used it for running chafing but I am sure it does the job) not tested on animals.

More info here:

Hard Bars


The guys at Hard Bar have been really kind and supportive, and honestly, they are the best darn trail bars I have ever got my paws on. The ingredients are super natural (not literally, but the taste is out of this world. I will stop now), the calorie content is great for long distance runners or big days, and they are light to carry.

I actually eat them too much, in times when I am not only running, but merely having a coffee or feeling a bit peckish. It`s not always the case that you say that about trail food.

More info here:


I am not saying anything remarkable here while promoting the goodness of porridge, but it really is a cost effective breakfast (oats, just add water) and nice to start the day with something warm. I add sunflower seeds and jam, or sometimes an entire yogurt if I am feeling particularly inventive.

Let me know what you have enjoyed this month!

Running kit must haves!

Happy Friday! Today I have posted the second vlog in my new series 'For Fit Friday'. Each Friday I aim to post a video following my running adventures, and running/fitness advice.

This week I had a think about three essential running kit must haves that are important to consider when starting out running, particularly if you are off road running.

To find out more, watch this video!

Have a great weekend, and do comment below if there are any specific areas to do with running that you would like to see a video about in the future!

Products mentioned in the video (click links for more info):

Salomon Speed Cross 3 shoes

Salomon Soft Flask 500ml

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31 - available online from good sports stockists.

Trigger Point Foam Roller (Although not the specific roller in the video, this brand makes excellent foam rollers).