5 Myths about running

I am really excited to be heading this weekend to the Kendal Film Festival, to catch up with friends,be humbled and inspired at the feats of others, and to get totally fired up for future adventures. Bring it on!

For my post this week, I teamed up again with Trail Running Magazine to have a chat with you about some of the claims that surround taking up running.

Eg. Is it a sport not really meant for women? Surely it’s only for the super fit?

Hope it is useful and do post your comments on some impressions you have come across which surround trail running.  How have you dealt with them?

The latest Trail Running magazine is a good read – out now, next edition: 7th January

Is it that important to run?

Happy Friday! Here is my third vlog; for any of you new to this, I have started a new video series following my running jaunts, and offering advice on running. If there is anything YOU would like to know about running, or that you would like me to feature in a vlog (or even to collaborate with me!) then do get in touch. This week, I filmed being out and about, and thinking about why running is important. I wanted to think about it from both a mind and body perspective; as we know it can be so good for our general health, but what about for our psyche, and mindfulness too? Also, is running just important for those who run competitively, or can it be important for anyone? I give a personal account of just a few thoughts about why I think it is important to run.

Exciting news!

Exciting news : it's Friday!

The impending weekend is not the only reason I am so cheery. Friday is going to be my new vlog day! I really enjoyed my recent video in the Lakes (click here to watch), and have decided to share running and fitness info, adventures etc on video, aiming for once a week on a Friday.

Good times!

I have called the series 'For Fit' Friday. This is to motivate you with your weekend adventures and maybe think about going for a run, especially if this is something more new to you. For some, the prospect of that is still daunting and may take a while before it seems enjoyable, hence the slight play on roads. But hopefully I can help you see that exercise doesn't have to be seen as a 'forfeit', and that actually, you can have the greatest times, being outside and sharing brilliant running experiences.

Go watch ! :)


Filmed on a Sony Action Cam