Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2015

New Week!

I'm really excited for this week, as on Friday I will be making my way to Kendal Mountain Film Festival! This is definitely a highlight in the winter calendar, as it it the chance to see some really awe inspiring, jaw dropping, totally captivating films in various adventure sports.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 09.20.05
Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 09.20.05

Highlights for me this year will be heading to the Adidas Endurance Night where James Thurlow will be interviewing Nicky Spinks and Sean Conway - two incredible endurance athletes in the field of long distance running and swimming. Also looking forward to hearing from Tommy Caldwell, an incredible climber of pretty extraordinary heights, and to head to the BMC Breakfast morning on the Sunday - chance for films, banter, bit of breakfast and lots of other goodies, with the legendary host Niall Grimes.

It's going to be one great weekend that's for sure!

Last year our film 'Running Wild' was shown; still takes me aback to think of how special that running experience was, and how I never would have imagined, upon signing up to that race, that we would end up at KMF. Just goes to show, that when you go to events like these, you get really inspired, and that anything is possible.

That's how I am motivating my start to the week - thinking ahead to this year's Kendal Film Festival, where I will have the chance to listen to some motivational people in adventure sports. I could not recommend this weekend enough.

Do tweet me if you are going - would be great to say hi!