Bank Holiday Running

Bank holiday weekend, and we went running! As many of you know, (see my recent post on this)  I have been dealing with injury. However,  I have been persistent, dedicated and as stubborn as a mule trying to keep up with stretching, squats, cycling to work etc, and it seems injury is beginning to feel better. Yes, you heard me! Last weekend I went out for about 10km in the Peak,  ran a few miles again the next day, and felt improvement. Ran during the week, felt better still.  I've been out each day this long weekend, with only slight twinges today. Could not feel more chuffed! Really conscious not to push it/ speak to soon, as still work to do, but it is hard to contain the excitement! All being well, I am really excited to let you know about upcoming projects, so do keep up with the blog!

It has been a pretty adventurous weekend. After checking the forecast, we were deciding between running in the Lakes, or Wales on Saturday. We decided Wales, and made our way to Snowdonia. Little splatterings of rain we brushed aside in our excited chat as we headed to our destination. Then we arrived. Snow, gale winds. Hang on - was this not May?

Well - it was worth a try at least. However, I really was not well prepared for these kind of conditions in my kit. Being rather blasé I decided that May meant lambs bleating, birds chirping, being surrounded by glorious sunshine and no need for key essential items. Note to self: have always in your bag, everything for any kind of weather! I ended up borrowing waterproof trousers (thanks John)  - I don't think I had set out for a run in weather like this to date! We began our run. Head down, watch your feet (in snow and slippery rock), scrambling up, sharp snow/hail in your face...we climbed about 2/3rds of the way up before we made the decision, all of us cowering by a rock, that to persist would not have been wise. I then basically sledged my way down. Annoying to have to quit - but it would only get more exposed the further we went, and the conditions underfoot were too risky. This was us last year, around the same time in Wales - could not have been more different weather!

Saturday we went for a short run, using it for interval training. This kind of training is helpful for speed work and stretching out the legs. I was saying how respectful I am of short distance sprinters, or those 5/10km racers. Running full pelt takes stamina. Today we popped out to the Peak for an amble in the countryside! Weather consistent and fairly warm, and a good trip out with the guys.