Happy Running

Today's trip out was definitely an adventure! Possibly one of the funniest runs I have ever been on. Upon a visit to my folks, my dad, a keen walker, suggested we try a route which would work for me as a new running route when I visit. It would also give me the chance for a bit of navigation, which is a skill I definitely want to work on.

The retired charter surveyor and myself ventured forth, only to reach the first navigation challenge: one route, two paths ahead - both leading to forests, both following a stream to the right of the path...which one was the correct route? We both made our case for different paths;  venturing forward, re-considering, back to square one, etc. Weather was turning. The map itself was fairly limited (a walkers hand made document, specifically for certain walks, omitting arguably beneficial information etc.), so it took some studying.

Turned out my navigation was correct, but this wasn't before encountering one hyperactive sheep dog, and then a sheep that was having trouble getting up as it had wriggled onto it's back (which nearly involved a de-tour altogether as my dad considered sheep shifting, although there was an electric fence in the way - you get the idea of the wonderful chaos of it all (sheep turned out to be fine.)

We planned to do the route separately, but we figured out a way for me to run and my dad to enjoy the walk - keeping it a shared adventure. Signs of spring everywhere, and although the occasional downpour, was warm and full of flowers and colour.

A really great adventure out - and a good laugh!

I think it's easy to spend too much time inside, where it's comfortable and familiar. Those days spent in this way, are arguably often not remarkable.But taking the step to go outside and run, walk, or whatever you choose, makes you appreciate everything, and have some quality experiences. Get outside and enjoy it!